Heat Reflecting Coatings


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Energy Star® Takes The Heat Out Of Building and Restoration…!

Energy Star® coatings are sustainable energy efficient solutions for roofs and walls that significantly reduce absorbed heat in the building envelope. The use of Energy Star® systems during restoration or new construction results in energy cost savings, cooler occupancy zones and reduced Co2 emissions.

Confidence for Certifiers, Builders and Architects

Energy Star® heat reflective coatings are the first, and ONLY range of roof and wall coatings to be Code Mark certified and approved for guaranteed compliance with the Building Code of Australia (B.C.A.) Section J – Energy Efficiency Guidelines.

Leaders in Green, Sustainable, Low VOC Products

Sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy. We are proud of our portfolio of leading brands that make a positive difference to the environment and the health of our buildings. With more than 95% of all products being low in V.O.C. and certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia, as green sustainable products.

Infrared heat is reflected

Reducing up to 50% of the absorbed heat in the building envelope.

Fact: Reducing the temperature of the air-conditioner set point in summer by just 1ºC can reduce energy and emissions by 10 percent as the air conditioner does not have to work so hard. Macquarie University webpage Energy and Emissions – Sustainability

Cool Walls

The use of deep tone exteriors, although aesthetically appealing, adds absorbed heat to the building envelope and is contrary to basic principals of energy efficiency. Astec Energy Star Coatings significantly reduce absorbed heat in the wall by selective reflection of infrared light. They remain cool, even in dark colours, reduce thermal shock and in some climate zones negate the need for added insulation at all.

Cool Roofing

Astec Energy Star infrared heat reflective coating systems reflect fully 50% of solar heat by infrared reflection. Even in dark colours, their low solar absorbance and high emittance will significantly reduce absorbed heat in roofing substrates and allow buildings to cool faster. Reducing the energy demand on Air-conditioning and lowering power costs.

Heat reflective coatings for metal and concrete roofing are installed at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing, are aesthetically pleasing and remain cool in the extremes of summer.

Astec Energy Star is available in a wide range of 42 colours and are all independently tested in order to satisfy CodeMark strict requirements.

As a result of ongoing research and development into heat reflective coatings Astec developed the technology of colour infused nano ceramics that reflect heat by selective reflection of infrared light. This technology has enabled us to offer dark colour exterior coatings that reflect fully 50% of Solar energy and provide positive results for our environment and consumers.

The successful development of Energy Star® enables you to make choices to provide positive contributions to our global environment with reductions in Urban Heat, Smog and through its energy efficiency, help reduce Co2 emissions.

Our environment is constantly changing and we are all making choices that have an impact now and into the future. Choose Energy Star® with confidence and Paint with Pride.

Fact: “Astec Paints were the first to invent and introduce to the Australian market the technology of Heat Reflective Coating”.

Reduced Energy and Co2
Fact: Research indicates that reducing the upper surface solar absorbance of 1m2 of a roof’s area by 0.25 is equivalent to removing a one off amount of 64 kg of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere for the life of the roof. 14,080 kg / 220 m2 roof. Department of climate change discussion paper.

Infrared heat is reflected

The IR heat signature above was captured by an infrared camera from the rear of two panels during a Solar Radiation Exposure
Test. One panel was Astec Energy Star® Low Sheen and the other, a competitor’s premium exterior acrylic. Both panels were identical in colour.